Trump in favour of E3 visas for Irish people to work in the US

US President Donald Trump will travel to France on Thursday for D-Day commemorations before conti...

07.08 6 Jun 2019

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Trump in favour of E3 visas fo...

Trump in favour of E3 visas for Irish people to work in the US


07.08 6 Jun 2019

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US President Donald Trump will travel to France on Thursday for D-Day commemorations before continuing his Irish trip.

He landed in Shannon Airport on Wednesday evening for a meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

After Air Force One touched down in Shannon, Mr Varadkar greeted Mr Trump for a bilateral meeting.


But not before taking questions from the waiting press pack.

On Brexit, Mr Trump suggested: "Maybe if they don't make a deal, they can do it a different way - but I know one thing; Ireland is going to be in great shape."

"Ireland is a special place, it's going to be in very good shape - I don't think the border's going to be a problem at all".

He also said he is in favour of granting more visas for Irish people to stay in the US, with access to the E3 programme.

The scheme, which is currently only open to Australians, allows some 10,500 people to work legally there every year.

Trump US President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania coming down the step of Airforce One while arriving at Shannon Airport | Image: Leah Farrell/

It is seen as significantly easier and less costly to obtain than the traditional visa.

It also allows the spouses of recipients to live and work in the US without restrictions.

The visa is also renewable every two years for an indefinite period of time - meaning people can work on it for as long as they are employed.

On this, Mr Trump said: "I want to do that for the people of Ireland - but I want to do it for the people that are in the United States that want this vote this to happen that happen to be of Irish descent".

On criticism from President Michael D Higgins of his climate plan, President Trump claimed: "Well I haven't heard those comments - but we have the cleanest air in the world in the United States, and it's gotten better since I'm president".

"Good bilateral relationship"

The meeting lasted little over 30 minutes in Shannon Airport.

Afterwards, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar remarked: "He's in favour of Brexit as you know, and we're not - but he understands that a major issue is the border between North and South.

"And he shares our objective to keep the border open as it is now."

"We talked a little bit about immigration and our ongoing campaign to secure E3 visas so that more Irish people can go to work in America - and he's been very supportive on that".

He also defended the €10m spend on security for the trip.

"The relationship, and the good bilateral relationship, between Ireland and America is worth a lot more than 10 million".

More protesters will greet President Trump in Ireland again on Thursday.

But Catherine Purcell, from Thurles, travelled to Shannon Airport to support and welcome the US president.

She said: "I'm here to support Donald because there's so much negativity going around about the man.

"As I said we elected a president, not a saint.

"And the people that are criticising him, they're criticising him because of his Christian beliefs as well".

President Trump travels to France for D-Day commemorations before returning to Ireland later this evening.

Meanwhile, two of Donald Trump's sons joined locals in Doonbeg on Wednesday evening.

Eric and Donald Junior enjoyed a pub crawl in the village, where their father is staying at his golf resort.

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