Twitter becoming an integral part of people's Christmas shopping

Four in 10 users will visit a store after seeing a deal on Twitter...

Twitter becoming an integral part of people's Christmas shopping

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There are just 47 more shopping days until Christmas and, if you're a Twitter user, there's a big chance you'll be using the social networking site to get yourself prepared.

That's according to Twitter itself, which has rolled out some interesting info on its users today.

Some 84% of Twitter shoppers now use the service in their planning phase. The top three things they're on the hunt for are deals and coupons, product reviews, and inspiration for gift ideas.

Just over two-thirds of people will have planned ahead of time before making their in-store purchases.

Meanwhile, 73% of Twitter shoppers follow businesses specifically to find special deals, with 43% likely to visit a store after they spot one.

Twitter also revealed Euromonitor International's findings that users spent "$811 on average during the holidays in 2015".

That's compared to the €493 the average Irish shopper will spend this year, according to a new Mediacon report. 

If you're an Irish Twitter user? All that Twitter hunting for bargains is probably underway already – an iReach Insights survey revealed last week that 95% of us now believe that Christmas starts before Halloween ends.