This man is selling out of date food to the masses

And they've just started delivering to Ireland

Would you buy something in a shop if it was passed its best-before date?
Nifties owner Nathaniel Richards did one better - he set up a shop which sells out-of-date food, in an effort to eliminate food wastage and ultimately reduce costs.
Established in 2016 in Dover, Kent, Nifties is a non-for-profit shop that sells damaged or out of date goods – essentials are sold at very low cost because they are classed as 'damaged' or nearing their best before date.
With most products costing between 10p and 70p, the shop beats prices at popular discount stores by up to 90p. Upon opening, they struggled to keep up with the demand - but now, they're about to start delivering to Ireland.
The website - will see goods delivered across Britain and now Ireland by a courier firm who have agreed a deal with Niftie's.
From tonight, you can order food to Ireland – the average price for 30kgs of groceries is €12, and you can save up to €250 ordering.

How it all started 

Nathaniel got the idea last April when he was made redundant and was using food banks himself. He wanted to eliminate the level of food waste generated by supermarkets.
"The idea is that the families who are struggling to get by get support and the supermarkets don't throw stuff away," he says. "Our approach is really simple; we purchase reduced products, such as short dated or damaged items from supermarkets and other stores, and pass these savings on to our customers."

A safe haven for ugly veg

Farmers in Kent have donated the vegetables which were either too ugly, small, large or the wrong shape for supermarket shelves.
Now, Nathaniel is offering a pay what you like scheme at his stores and online so they do not go to waste. It's estimated that the project has already saved 100 tonnes of edible food from being tossed in the bin.
You can listen to his interview on Moncrieff below: