Seven (and a half) things you really must know from the web this week

From looking at your phone before you Leap to Europe's youngest app developer, the Internet embraces us all

Darragh Doyle, Internet Loveliness, Moncrieff

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When it comes to surfing the web, it's easy to get lost at sea. So let Moncrieff's regular guest Darragh Doyle, a man who knows a thing or two about what's weird and wonderful online, steer you in the right direction.

You can listen back to his full segment below, but here's what you need to know from the Internet this week...

  • An opening video

Michael Fortune recorded people in the Adamstown area of Co. Wexford as part of his project My People - My Place.

Although the videos were uploaded in July 2015, they’re coming to attention now. The Irish Folklore Commission, in collaboration with the Department of Education and the Irish National Teachers' Organisation, initiated a revolutionary scheme in which schoolchildren were encouraged to collect and document folklore and local history. Over a period of eighteen months, some 100,000 children in 5,000 primary schools in the twenty-six counties of the Irish State were encouraged to collect folklore material in their home districts.  Material from 13 of those schools is now available at

  • My Voice - the app developed by 12-year-old Niall Kehoe

Niall Kehoe is 12 years old and tells me he’s the youngest iOS App Developer in Europe. My Voice is a speech enabling app which can be used to help people with speech impediments to communicate easily through pictures and their appropriate headings.

It allows users to take pictures of people, food, activities etc and save them to their device. To communicate an item, users can tap on the item to enlarge the image and press the microphone button which will then speak the title.
Over time, this allows users to build up a huge library of useful photos and words personalised to their own needs.

New! Use your mobile phone to: top-up your Leap Card on the spot, check your Leap Card balance and collect tickets, including TaxSaver.

Leap Card users with Near Field Communications (NFC)-enabled Android phones can check their card balance and instantly top-up their card with travel credit or collect pre-purchased tickets, including TaxSaver tickets, onto their Leap Card – all by touching their card against their phones.

Apple has not yet decided to allow access to NFC technology by third parties.  If and when they do, the National Transport Authority plans to develop this App on iOS for iPhone owners.

  • The weight-mate app from Safefood

One in three Irish adults (35%) are trying to lose weight. At present in Ireland, almost two in three adults (61%) are overweight or obese and the economic cost of obesity is estimated at €1.1 billion euros.

The weight-mate app features a daily weight and physical activity tracker as well as more than 400 calorie-counted recipes developed by nutritionists. Users can plan and track their meals and activities to help them reach their own weight loss goals. Available on iOS and Android.

  • Presumi - Manage and track your job applications the smart way

Presumi allows you to track all your concurrent job applications, see analytics on your CV and get your dream job. Best of all, it's free!

Stop worrying about whether they’ve received your application and know immediately when they’ve opened or clicked on your CV. 

Send trackable emails for job applications - Know whether your potential employer has interacted with your CV with what they call “the world’s most powerful resume tracking system.”

  • ShareTube  - watch perfectly synced YouTube videos with friends

Now you can watch perfectly synced YouTube videos with your friends and loved ones and don’t have to worry about their broadband speed or connection being faster than you.

You both see the same thing at the same time on screen and have a chat about it on screen too!

  • And finally...

Ask Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) on an iPhone what 1 trillion to the tenth power is, add some Indian beatboxers and singers and this is what you get:


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