Online poll sees 'Monopoly' thimble tumble

The classic player piece, part of the game since 1935, will not be included in the 2017 edition

Online poll sees 'Monopoly' thimble tumble

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Monopoly players with a penchant for embroidery will no longer be able to reap what they sow in the perennially popular property game, with the classic thimble piece revealed to have lost out its place on the board in an online poll.

The sewing accessory has been a moveable figures of the game since 1935, but a recent vote has seen it edged out with a more modern replacement. Billed as Monopoly Token Madness, the online vote saw each of the eight classic pieces vie for popularity against new 56 options, including emojis.

Some of the potential tokens included in the vote [Hasbro]

The big reveal

While Hasbro is remaining tight lipped on what pieces have made the cut, they have revealed that of the classic line-up, the thimble has failed to garner enough public support to be included in the 2017 edition of the game. The toy giant will announce the final eight on March 19th’s World Monopoly Day.

The thimble is not the only Monopoly piece to lose out in a public poll; a 2013 vote saw the traditional iron replaced with a cat.

The history of Monopoly

Although known the world over as a game in which ruthless capitalism is the key to winning, Monopoly was first created by a Quaker named Lizzie Magie, who filed a patent for The Landlord Game, “a practical demonstration of the present system of land-grabbing with all its usual outcomes and consequences.”

Charles Darrow, a down-on-his-luck salesman during the Great Depression, was shown a version of The Landlord Game by a friend, redesigned it as Monopoly and sold it to Parker Brothers. The gaming company turned it into a global hit, selling millions of copies worldwide.

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