“I love people to take the mick out of me” – Willie O’Dea stars in Carpool Candidates

Reporter Henry McKean hits the road with the Limerick City candidate ahead of Election 2016

Now that Election 2016 is underway, Newstalk reporter Henry McKean takes to the road with some of the candidates... First up is Limerick’s Willie O’Dea.

Driving around his constituency, the former Fianna Fáil minister pointed out his favourite barbers – who do a “deadly job” on O’Dea’s most distinctive “badge of identity” – his moustache.

The long-serving politician also spoke about his great pride in Limerick, in particular audacious local rappers The Rubberbandits – who have incidentally written a song about him. O’Dea views it as a “great honour” that people would bother to “to take the mick out of me”.

Not to miss an opportunity to talk politics, O’Dea told Henry that he believes that many of his constituents have a “deep aversion to Enda Kenny” but that he himself would not be “temperamentally suited” to be Taoiseach.

Watch a teaser of Willie O’Dea as a Carpool Candidate below