What are the 10 best hotels in Ireland?

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James Wilson
James Wilson

13.13 18 Sep 2023

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What are the 10 best hotels in...

What are the 10 best hotels in Ireland?

James Wilson
James Wilson

13.13 18 Sep 2023

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What are the 10 best hotels in Ireland? 

Irish Independent Travel Editor Pól Ó Conghaile has put together a list that he feels is neither “scientific or objective” but reflects his experiences travelling up and down the country. 

“The kind of things I am looking for value for money - whether you’re spending 100 a night or 1,000 a night,” he told The Pat Kenny Show. 


“I’m looking for places that I feel could really only be in Ireland and they may be two, three, four or five stars - I’m not beholden to the star ratings.”

1. Kelly’s Resort Hotel, County Wexford

“I don’t think too many listeners will be surprised at this,” Mr Ó Conghaile said. 

“I checked in a week ago… and it’s the same as I remember since I visited the first time as a kid with my family… But look at how it has moved forward while keeping that sense of tradition.

“They have new kitchen gardens and solar panels, I’m in awe of how it keeps moving forward while keeping that feeling.” 

2. The Armada Hotel, County Clare

“A coastal hotel that’s pushing what a coastal hotel can be; the Armada is overlooking Spanish Point," Mr Ó Conghaile said. 

“I stayed there a couple of weeks ago as I was putting the final touches to this list and the waves were rolling in off the Atlantic into Spanish Point… really energetic, really dynamic.” 

3. Park Hotel, County Kerry

“The Park Hotel got a really nice revamp with local designer Brian O’Sullivan, it’s elevated the cocktail bar, the reception area, the ground floor rooms [and] the food surprises people… It’s a gorgeous five star,” Mr Ó Conghaile said. 

4. Harvey’s Point, County Donegal

“Definitely one of the best four stars in the land, one of the best hotels full stop," Mr Ó Conghaile said. 

“Sold in 2019, many people wondered how it would do… I’ve visited since and they’ve been improving, adding new balcony rooms and the Christmases, the cabarets, the dinners overlooking Loch Esk, the walks all add up to a beautiful Irish stay - a classic."

5. Dunbrody House, County Wexford

“Hard to believe it’s 26 years since Catherine and Kevin Dundon opened their country house stay in Dunbrody," Mr Ó Conghaile said. 

“Again, this is a great example of a stay that just year in, year out could have sort of sat still and grown dusty but has really pushed the notion of what a country house hotel can be.”

6. Parknasilla, County Kerry 

“I checked in with Parknasilla lately and wasn’t surprised to hear 40% of people who stay are returning visitors and repeat visitors and lots of them actually request the same room when they’re returning," Mr Ó Conghaile said. 

7. No 1 Pery Square, County Limerick 

“[It] is one of the best town house hotels in the land, very much an independent vision of its owner Patricia Roberts who has grown it up around an old Georgian building," Mr Ó Conghaile said. 

8. Ashford Castle, County Mayo 

“When you visit Ashford Castle, you’re staying in a hotel that Princess Grace has stayed in, Brad Pitt and multiple Presidents," Mr Ó Conghaile said. 

“The location is stunning and it is moving on since it was bought by the Tollman family.”

9. Hotel Doolin, County Clare

“It has brilliant ideas; one of its restaurants has a menu just taking all the ingredients from within 30 miles, it has organic wines on tap, it’s published a book of local poetry, it has an eco-friendly wedding barn, it has an annual arts festival, the list goes on and on," Mr Ó Conaghaile said. 

10. Ballynahinch Castle, County Galway

“Beautifully positioned over the river, cosy fisherman’s pub, it has added self-catering and a nicely upgraded library and it’s stepping forward every year," Mr Ó Conaghaile said. 

“It has a new chef… a beautiful stay in Connemara.”

Main image: A hotel bedroom. 

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