The best tech Christmas gifts for under €120

From Chromecasts to wearables, here are Jess Kelly's picks for the best Christmas tech gifts.
Stephen McNeice
Stephen McNeice

14.09 16 Nov 2021

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The best tech Christmas gifts...

The best tech Christmas gifts for under €120

Stephen McNeice
Stephen McNeice

14.09 16 Nov 2021

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Looking for a good Christmas gift for the tech enthusiast in your life? We've got some suggestions...

Last week, Newstalk's technology correspondent Jess Kelly looked at the best value gifts under €60 - covering everything from desk lights to a classic Nokia phone.

This week, she has recommendations for those working with a larger budget of up to €120.


Jess told The Pat Kenny Show the devices below are particularly good shouts - proving it's absolutely possible to get excellent tech gifts without spending hundreds of euro.

Google Chromecast with Google TV - €70

“This year I’ve opted for the more premium version of the Chromecast - it’s still not breaking the bank, but the difference with this one is that it can pull, say, all comedy movies from across your different streaming services into one user interface.

“If I want to watch a comedy movie, horror movie, whatever it is… I can just type it in and it will pull the content from Netflix, Disney and all the other streaming services into one place. It saves time scrolling through three or four different places.

“It really does transform your TV, and you can still use it in the old way of streaming from your phone to your telly. But I think the addition of Google TV is bit of a gamechanger.”

Google Nest Home Hub - €79

“This is a Google smart assistant - you can give it orders, ask it questions, set timers… but what’s different is this one has a screen on it.

“If I wanted to watch a video on YouTube or a tutorial on how to do something, I can say it and the beautiful display will play the video for me.

“It’s also very useful if you have those security cameras that work with the Google Nest products - you’ll be able to see who’s at your door and interact with them.”

Kindle - €79.99

“I’m recommending the basic Kindle.

“The Kindle Oasis is the notions one that’s quite big and has buttons - it’s very, very nice, but it’s also €300.

“The basic Kindle that’s just shy of €80 is excellent. It’s a 6” device that’s not that big or cumbersome. It has that e-ink feature that’s very comfortable on the eye, and the basic version is now backlit so you can read it without a lamp on.

“If you know someone who loves reading and hopefully will be travelling and commuting in the next few months… this is an absolute must have.”

Huawei Watch Fit - €99

“The original version featured on my gift guide last year, and I still love it. Of all the wearables I’ve tried, this is my favourite in terms of design.

“It’s not a standard square face like the Apple Watch… it’s essentially a rectangular screen that’s ever so slightly curved. It sits on the wrist very comfortably.

“It pairs to both iOS and Android device, has excellent battery life, and is very easy to interact with.

“If you want someone who wants a fitness tracker, it does all that - but it also has really good functionality in terms of productivity and displaying your messages.”

Orbitkey Nest - €109.90

“This is a little box that looks like a keepsake box. But the idea is you can put your essentials in it. I go around with my phone, keys, some pens in it.

“What I love about it is that the top of the box is a wireless charger. Not only is it good for containing your personal items and keeping them safe… it’s also really functional in terms of charging your phone.

“I hadn’t heard of the brand until a few weeks ago… but the quality of their products is gorgeous.”

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger - €119

“For someone who is an Apple nut - who has an iPhone and Apple Watch - this is a must-have.

“Instead of having two separate charge stations… this has a space to magnetically charge your Watch and a space to magnetically charge your Watch at the same time.

“You’re not plugging into devices into the ports - you’re just lying the items down, and with the MagSafe technology they don’t slip off.

“It’s very neat - about the size of two credit cards put together. I really, really like the look of it.”

Main image: Kindle (via Alamy Stock Photo) / Huawei Watch Fit (via Huawei)

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