Jewish woman 'scared' as Palestinian flag flies over Dublin City Hall

Dublin City Council voted unanimously in favour of flying the flag for seven days
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

17.28 5 Dec 2023

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Jewish woman 'scared' as Pales...

Jewish woman 'scared' as Palestinian flag flies over Dublin City Hall

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

17.28 5 Dec 2023

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A Jewish woman living in Dublin has said she is 'scared and fearful' to see the Palestinian flag flying over City Hall.

Dublin City Council (DCC) yesterday voted unanimously in favour of flying the flag over the building.

The motion was tabled collectively by councillors from Sinn Féin, Social Democrats, People Before Profit and a number of Independents.


Rosie told Lunchtime Live she believes it means Ireland is taking sides.

"It's basically saying that Dublin is supporting... Hamas and what Hamas did on October 7th," she said.

"It seems like everyone has forgotten October 7th and exactly what Hamas did.

"By flying that flag you are choosing a side, and the side should be peace.

"It should be neutral from a European country; send your aid, do what you want, you can support a two-state solution, that's fine.

"You are picking a side and it's put my life, my children's lives, my husband's life, my community's lives - we're scared".

'There are two sides to this'

Rose said she has been living here for more than two years and she is now fearful.

"I'm raising children who were born here, and who will one day get their Irish citizenship," she said.

"It's scary to know that this is what we're allowing; we're allowing a very minor community in Ireland to be fearful.

"I wear my Star of David under my top - I won't take it off because I don't think that's the right thing to do, but I hide it because I'm scared."

Rosie said she believes the City Hall should fly a peace flag instead.

"There are two sides to this, and the innocent people on both sides are being caught up," she added.

'We should take sides'

Security and defence analyst Declan Power said flying the flag has no impact on Ireland's neutrality.

"I think people need to understand while Ireland talks about its military neutrality, purely on the basis that we haven't signed up to mutual defence pacts, but we are involved in a verity of other things of a defensive nature," he said.

"Push that to one side: if people remember the constant statement that have been made, particularly during the onset of the war in Ukraine, is that we're not politically neutral either.

"Neutrality for Ireland is about independence and course of action, as much as we can manage that.

"The Government can take stances on things."

Mr Power said he considers a stance of 'pure neutrality' as immoral.

"It's more or less like walking past somebody being mugged on the street and ignoring their plight," he said.

"We should take sides according to our moral stance.

"The raising of the flag over city offices, to me, I'm afraid that's just virtue signaling of a high order.

"It's not going to contribute anything useful."

Mr Power said he believes the Palestinian political leadership in Gaza "has not covered itself in glory."

"I don't think we should be flying the flag of either side in this conflict," he added.

The Palestinian Embassy has welcomed the decision to fly the flag in the capital.

"We extend our profound gratitude to Dublin City Council for passing a resolution to fly the Palestinian flag above City Hall for the forthcoming week," it said on X.

"Wishing the beautiful city of Dublin safety and sustained prosperity."

The Palestinian flag is being flown over Dublin City Hall for seven days starting today.

A previous motion to fly the Palestinian flag at City Hall was put forward in November but failed as some councillors abstained.

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Main image: A Palestinian flag flies over Dublin City Hall, 5-12-23. Image via @IrePalestine on X

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