'Huge wastage' - Man waiting 'almost a day' for A&E blood work

The health budget has risen from €13.7bn a decade ago to €22.8bn this year, a new report has found
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.16 15 Apr 2024

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'Huge wastage' - Man waiting '...

'Huge wastage' - Man waiting 'almost a day' for A&E blood work

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.16 15 Apr 2024

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A man who was waiting for almost a day in A&E for his wife's blood work has said there is huge wastage at Ireland's hospitals that are not down to staffing.

A new report has found large increases in healthcare funding and staffing in recent years have not been matched by a similar level of a rise in activity.

The health budget has risen from €13.7bn a decade ago to €22.8bn this year.


The report was drawn up by personnel in the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service (IGEES) and the Department of Health.

Joe in Drogheda told Lunchtime Live his wife went into hospital last Wednesday with gallstones following the advice of her doctor.

"We were waiting 20, 21 hours to get released," he said.

"We were about 18, 19 hours before there was any blood works done and the blood works came back negative then she was sent home.

"I think that there's huge wastage".

'A full 24 hours'

Joe said there needs to be a quicker assessment system.

"As soon as you're in - if it's a broken arm, broken finger, something like that - [you should go] straight into X-ray," he said.

"Then if it's not as simple bloods should be taken and sent in for a scan or CT or whatever is needed.

"But just to be sitting in a waiting area for nearly a day".

Joe said another man he spoke to was in the hospital for a full 24 hours after his blood work was mislaid.

"They lost their blood works so he had to wait again," he said.


Joe said he doesn't think staffing is the main issue.

"This was on a Wednesday when it's supposed to be at its quietest," he said.

"You can understand it being slightly businer [on] weekends... but midweek on a Wednesday is disgraceful.

"As far as I can see it's too much admin and... a proper flowchart should be done on the movement of people within the hospital.

"But everyone's just left sitting there.

"You've got machines worth millions and millions of euros sitting up there, they should be working constantly".

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'Getting worse'

Joe said doctors should be paid "to work over a 24-hour schedule" to get the best value for money.

"Six years ago my wife was waiting 14 hours [when] she went in with an inflamed appendix," he said.

"It got to the stage where I was getting angry looking at my wife in pain and I just started giving out to the doctors.

"Two hours later she was taken in and the doctor said, 'You're lucky you came into A&E, the appendix is pushing up against the spine'.

"The health service is getting worse year and year from what I can see".

Joe added that he doesn't think the health service "was ever as bad".

Main image: File photo shows a crowded hospital corridor. Image: Lankowsky / Alamy

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