'An end to weekends away' - What will holidays look like in future?

"It's about maximising your positive impact and minimising your negative impact"
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

12.28 9 Apr 2024

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'An end to weekends away' - Wh...

'An end to weekends away' - What will holidays look like in future?

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

12.28 9 Apr 2024

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Holidays could soon see people take 'one flight a year' for a break abroad coupled with staycations at home.

That is just one prediction for getaways of the future as people become more conscious of their travel habits and impact on the environment.

Roisin Finlay from the Sustainable Tourism Network told Josh Crosbie for The Pat Kenny Show we will be taking fewer overseas holidays.


"People are wanting to travel more sustainable, stay in more sustainable places," she said.

"I do think we're going to see a trend towards fewer overseas holidays and maybe more at home.

"Maybe going for longer so that you only use one flight, instead of going for lots and lots of mini-vacations and weekends away."

A jet engine, 3-11-10. A jet engine, 3-11-10. Image: EVREN KALINBACAK / Alamy

Ms Finlay said it's about more than just your environmental footprint.

"One trend I really see is that micro-escape - so I think you're going to see what crossover between tourism and leisure more and more," she said.

"Sustainability isn't just about your environmental footprint, it's about a lot more than that.

"It's about how you fit into your community and how you benefit your community. Are you having a positive impact?

"It's a trend and it's a movement all about businesses doing better".

'Starting to see it everywhere'

Ms Finlay said people can offset flights with other positive measures.

"We're starting to see it everywhere; businesses telling their customers about what they're doing that's good," she said.

"It's about maximising your positive impact and minimising your negative impact.

"So OK you're going to take your flight - what else can you do to have a positive impact?

"You can stay in locally-owned properties, you can try and shop locally, you can be very cognizant of the local people there".

A room in Wren Urban Nest Dublin. A room in Wren Urban Nest Dublin. Image: Facebook/Wren Urban Nest Dublin

Wren Urban Nest in Dublin city is Ireland's first net-carbon hotel. General manager Darren Newman told Josh how it all came together.

"We're powered purely on electricity, we've no gas in the building whatsoever," he said.

"We've two heat pumps on the roof the hotel which heat the water throughout the building.... and reusing the heat that's produced in the building for other sources.

"We have a green contract with the ESB for purely green-sourced electricity from solar, hydro and wind".

Mr Newman said a large number of their guests are from Scandinavian countries.

What do you think?

People on the streets of Dublin said they believe things are changing.

"I would try and focus on more local holidays - just fly over to England maybe and get trains around and things like that," one man said.

"We take the ferry to France so that's less [of a carbon footprint] than the airplane... also so you can bring your car", a woman said.

"If there was better train systems all around Ireland for staycations... I feel like there would be more travel in Ireland," she added.

Another man said flying is really the only option open to him.

"I travel a lot for work and we're an island nation, so you kind of have to factor that in at the end of the day," he suggested.

"If we had more boats or a train in a tunnel maybe you'd consider it; but practically speaking we have to fly," he added.

Will you be holidaying at home this summer?

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Main image: Sun above clouds with the wing of an airplane, 26-7-11. Image: Image Professionals GmbH / Alamy

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