The Bee Queen and her blouse of live bees

Sara Mapelli dances while wearing over 15,000 bees

Sara Mapelli aka the Bee Queen wears a blouse made of bees on her bare skin and dances with the insects to help people reconnect with nature.

She can wear up to 15,000 or more bees at a time in a form of ‘bee blouse’ with the help of the queen bee pheromone. 

Sara creates what she describes as a meditative atmosphere of movement, energy, and sound in a way to commune with the bees. The performance is aimed at helping others conquer fears and commune with nature.

She is planning a Bee Dance Healing Ring Tour for the Summer of 2016 which will take place on the east coast of the US and Europe.

All information can be found on her webiste 

She joined Sean on The Moncireff Show earlier today. Have a listen: