Katie Price outlines her vision for tackling cyber bullies

The model started a petition, calling for online bullying to be made a criminal offence

Model, author and TV personality, Katie Price has told Newstalk's Sean Moncrieff about her vision for taking down the cyber bullies. Price launched an online petition last month, calling for online bullying to be made a criminal offence. The petition has more than 200,000 signatures so far.

"Trolling is a major problem in this day and age," reads the petition. "People of all ages and background suffer every day, including my family - especially my son Harvey. I have tried my best to expose people and even had two arrested but nothing was done and there were no repercussions or penalties for this behaviour."

Speaking on Newstalk this afternoon, Price said she is used to people targeting her, but finds the abuse aimed towards her son unacceptable. She says it's about time the bullies got their comeuppance.

"There are so many charities out there about bullying but these bullies don't actually get punished. There is no consequence or anything. That's why me and my mom thought 'why don't we create an online criminal offence register'."  

While Price's son Harvey was her inspiration for starting the petition, she told Sean Moncrieff that anyone can be impacted by online bullying.

"It could be anybody; a child, an adult, someone targeted by the colour of their skin, their job, anything. Rather than just talking about it, I want something to be done. A prison sentence, perhaps. If there is a consequence, I'm pretty sure that would stop a lot of it.

As part of this project, Price is also hoping some trolls will come forward to explain why they do the things they do and say the things they say whilst online.

"Nobody has ever apologised to me for saying harmful things to me online," she explained. "People sometimes come back and say 'well you do put your children in the limelight', but my comeback is that Harvey is the only one that gets trolled."

The issue will now progress forward to the UK Parliament for debate. Ms. Price says she is due to meet with some politicians later this week to discuss the petition.