Is subscription TV on the way to Twitter?

You could watch a match and see live-tweets at the same time

As we told you last week, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey believes the platform will 'endure forever'. While traditional media attempts to catch up with the age of the internet, it appears that Twitter is set to change the rules of engagement.

It has been reported that Twitter is looking to do a deal with subscription-TV companies, which would allow their customers to watch the live feed on the social media platform. This is part of Twitter's push for more video. Potential deals with broadcasters such as Sky and BT could see customers, who already pay for the traditional TV service, link their subscription to their Twitter account. 

Viewers could potentially watch full Premier League matches or TV shows on Twitter, whilst tweeting about said broadcast. At present, the issue of broadcasting rights around events such as Premier League matches, are heavily guarded by TV companies.

“Bringing the video forward [onto Twitter itself] allows us to give the consumer on one screen the things they’re talking about and [a] timeline of the best tweets on Twitter at that moment in time,” Anthony Noto, the company’s chief operating officer, told the Telegraph.

"We would love to have the Premier League… we would love to have live games and we'll continue to try to find creative ways to get there,” he continued.  

The social media giant signed a deal with ESPN last year, allowing them to stream Wimbledon matches and NFL American football games. Sky Sports' coverage of the football transfer window's final day was also live-streamed. 

Twitter is constantly looking for ways to attract new members to its service.