Here's 12 of the best from today's #ElectionMovies

This week Sean Moncrieff asked listeners to re-imagine the election through the Hollywood frame

With election season in full swing, today Sean Moncrieff and his Movies and Booze guests asked Ireland to re-imagine the world of Hollywood through the prism of the Irish political arena and its broad mix of inhabitants.

Moncrieff's listeners soon had #ElectionMovies as the top trend in Ireland, and there were some gems to be had...

Saving Eamon Ryan

Catch me if you Canvas

Guess Who’s Coming to Shinner

Coalition? Impossible!

Legends of the Dail

Casper the Transfer Friendly Ghost

Shinner’s List

The World’s Enda

2016 A Fiscal Space Odyssey

Adams and Paul

You’ve got Junk Mail

The Usual Gobshites