Emotional scenes at Dublin Airport as thousands arrive home for Christmas

Henry McKean was at Terminal 2 to capture the tears and laughter earlier today

Emotional scenes at Dublin Airport as thousands arrive home for Christmas

Image: Henry McKean

There were emotional scenes - tears and laughter alike - at Dublin Airport today as thousands of people arrived home for the Christmas break.

More than one million people are expected through Ireland's airports over the festive season. 

Families from across Ireland were at Terminal 2 earlier today to greet relatives from Australia and North America, and Newstalk Drive's Henry McKean was there to capture the happy moments.

Some people were coming home after years away, while there was even a few people - adults & children alike - arriving in Ireland for the very first time.

One woman arrived home from New York, and said she's been looking forward to getting home for weeks.

"It's always lovely when you come up the coast of Ireland," she said. "I could spot Howth, and Dun Laoghaire. That's what home means to me, so it's nice when you get a glimpse of that from the airplane."

Anne Fagan was joined by 'at least ten' other family members at Terminal 2 to welcome her son Alan and fiancé Suzie, who are getting married this day week.

"Then we've to dash to Terminal 1 to meet my daughter Suzanne and her boyfriend Nick who are flying in from Mauritius. We're all really, really excited to see them," Anne said.

They even had special balloons made up for the occasion.

Image: Henry McKean

"I never get this sort of welcome, so they know it must be something special with the wedding next week," Alan observed when he arrived through the gates.

As for the wedding itself, Alan explained: "We grew up three miles apart, but it took us getting to New York to actually find each other."

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