Can you send Hannah a Christmas card?

The two year old is fighting cancer

An Irish mother living in Boston is asking for a special request this Christmas - that you send a card to her two and a half year old daughter Hannah

Hannah was diagnosed with leukaemia back in September, after finding herself in pain when walking.

After several visits to the paediatrician, X-Rays, blood work and a visit to the Emergency Room, little Hannah was diagnosed with B Cell ALL Leukaemia

Michelle Serpa, Hannah’s mother, told Sean Moncrieff about her treatment, that the little girl has endured over the last few months. which involves lumbar punctures, where chemotherapy is administered through the spine 

She’s also undergone two bone marrow biopsies and takes steroid medications on a clinical trial that is due to last for the next two years

This week, Michelle, who is originally from Sutton put up a request on Facebook, asking if people could send Hannah a card, after she received one from her Great - Aunt, which brought her a lot of joy

Because Hannah’s immunity is so low due to the chemo, she does not get to go out and play with other children, and contact with others is being kept to a minimum

The family are hoping that the cards will be a vital link to the outside world

Michelle said on her Facebook:

"If you have time, and we are not in your Christmas card list, can you take a few minutes to mail Hannah (and Blaire  - Hannah's little sister) a Christmas card - she loves opening mail. Got a few great ones last couple days!! Big smiles all around!

Things are a little intense for her right now - makes her smile a lot!”

If you would like to send Hannah a card, you can address it to

67 Robbins St., Milton, MA 02186, USA