"Can you imagine a worse place to be on Christmas Day?" - Paper Review

Kieran Cuddihy and Carol Hunt take a look at today's papers...

It's the final newspaper review of the year, and Sunday Independent columnist and general election Carol Hunt joined Kieran Cuddihy in studio.

The front pages today cover the aftermath of Storm Frank, with the Irish Examiner leading with the headline 'A Flood of Misery'.

The Irish Times also covers the flooding, and also reports on the story of the European Court of Human Rights preventing the deportation of a man accused of being a recruiter for Islamic State.

Meanwhile the Star and Herald both have the story of the fatal shooting outside a pub in Dublin last night.

The Irish Daily Mail reports on the unusual allegations that gardaí allowed male strippers off a fine - in return for them performing for female officers.

"This is extraordinary," Carol observed. "My first reaction on looking at this was 'could you imagine if this was the other way around - if this was a group of garda officers who had picked up three female strippers and brought them back to strip for the lads in the police station?'.

"It gets even more surreal than this... a female officer seemingly had an accident somehow during this performance, and she is now on sick leave with a bad back".

Meanwhile the speculation has already begun on whether President Higgins will run for a second term, and there's the news that 'Queen of Ireland' Christmas Day speech from Panti Bliss drew more viewers here than the traditional Queen's speech.

Observing that the show's producer's family all sit down to watch the British Queen's speech every year, Kieran wondered "can you imagine a worse place to be on Christmas Day?".

You can listen back to the full paper review below: