Twitter forces website that stores deleted tweets to shut down

PostGhost saved the deleted tweets from verified accounts

Less than a week after it was set up, a service that archived deleted tweets is being shut down.

PostGhost would store and archive the tweets of verified accounts, those with the blue tick, that had been deleted off the main Twitter service.

The service was made to shut down after it received a letter from Twitter saying that storing the tweets was a violation of Twitter's terms.

PostGhost has agreed with Twitter's terms, but continue to argue that what they did was right.

In a statement released after they shut down, PostGhost said that "verified Twitter users are not members of the general public – they are influential public figures with the ability to start trends and change opinions."

Public discourse

The company argued that storing the tweets was the same as print publications or online journalists reporting on a statement in the real world, and that deleting a tweet is a "a loss for public discourse as a whole."

This is not the first time that Twitter has shut down a company for similar actions. Politwoops archive politician's tweets, but after initially being forced out of business by Twitter, the two companies reached an agreement that lets Politwoops operated today.

PostGhost said it was more valuable than Politwoops as it "provides a fairer and more transparent way of allowing individuals to hold public figures accountable than Politwoops".