Why people should 'record speeding cars with their phone'

Mary McCarthy got a speed gun and ran an experiment of her own
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

16.27 28 Jul 2022

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Why people should 'record spee...

Why people should 'record speeding cars with their phone'

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

16.27 28 Jul 2022

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People should record speeding cars with their phone and be able to upload it to an online portal.

That's according to columnist with the Irish Independent, Mary McCarthy.

She told Newstalk Breakfast she doesn't believe bigger fines will make a difference.


"I think these fines - beef them up, brilliant - but they'll be diddly squat.

"The new cameras went live on Tuesday... people know what roads they are on, so they will modify behaviour.

"I think maybe what we need is like a portal... where pedestrians and cyclists can take a video of a motorist on their phone and upload it to this site.

"We need actually to put money into something like that, I think that will make people pause."

She was speaking after she ran a speeding experiment of her own outside her house.

"I know I sound like I'm completely mad, but during lockdown we were completely stunned that cars... seemed to be going faster.

"They were literally tearing up and down the road.

"Instead of giving out about it, were decided 'Look, let's actually see if we're right'.

"So we bought a speed gun online and we sat outside one day - and every car was speeding.

"We're a 30 km/h residential area, and there was not one car".

'80% of cars'

She says she went out to check again on Wednesday on the back of the increased speeding fines coming in.

"I thought people might be taking it on a bit: but I went out there and just for a few minutes before I wrote this piece.

"I monitored six cars, but I went out later then, when the photographer came around, and literally it's 80% of cars.

"There's a lot of people on their phones as well".

But Mary says her family decided to go even further using a loudspeaker.

"We started actually telling the cars 'Do you realise you're going 46 kilometres in a 30 kilometre zone?'

"And it was like they had just been shot in the head - the car was literally nearly stopped".

And she says she wants her children to be able to play safely outside.

"I want them to be able to move around, I don't want to have to be bringing them over to a friends house.

"I just want to be saying 'You go out'.

"If a car's going at 30 and a kid is crossing the road, they're fine because the car can see them [and] stop."

Main image: A woman recording a video on her smartphone. Picture by: Volodymyr Kalyniuk / Alamy Stock Photo

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