Shopping Trolley Hotline: Apples and Oranges

Newstalk's Simon Tierney examined three different type of apples and three different types of oranges
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

21.14 7 Jun 2023

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Shopping Trolley Hotline: Appl...

Shopping Trolley Hotline: Apples and Oranges

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

21.14 7 Jun 2023

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It's the age-old debate of apples and oranges, and it's going to be settled on this week's Shopping Trolley Hotline.

Newstalk's Simon Tierney took up the challenge for The Hard Shoulder.


He examined three different types of apples and three different types of oranges.

On the apples, he noted: "There's a big size difference".

The Pink Lady came in at 50c each - or four for €2.00.

Tesco funsize apples are 16c each, or 10 for €1.59 - while the Green Granny Smith will cost four for €2, or 50c each.

"The Granny Smith is uniquely positioned for its shelf-life," Simon said.

"That's the reason why it became such a popular apple in the late 19th century.

"It was actually a real woman, by the name of Maria Ann Smith, an English woman who migrated to Australia.

"She cultivated the Granny Smith apple, which is named after her, in the 1860s.

"The reason why it travels so well is because of its low sugar content and its high acidity.

"That means that it travels well from Australia".

loose fruit Apples pictured in a supermarket

However neither the Pink Lady or the Granny Smith came as far as Australia: both come to Ireland from France.

"France is a big centre for apples in this market," Simon said.

The Tesco apple comes from even closer to home: Ireland.

"One of the big criticisms that we have of the apple industry is why are we importing so many apples from France, when we are perfectly capable of growing our own apples here?"


How did they compare? Host Kieran Cuddihy said the Pink Lady was the tastiest apple, followed by Tesco's and then Granny Smith came in third.

"From the research I've done, nutrition-wise the Granny Smith is probably the best for you, because it has the lowest amount of sugar," Simon explained.

"Also because the skin is leathery, that means it's full of fibre... the Granny Smith is a real winner when it comes to nutrition".


The oranges comparison looked at the Supervalu Organic Orange - 79c each or €3.29 for four.

"It was tasty, very juicy," Kieran said.

"I found it really, really good I have to say," Simon said.

The Valencia Orange - 50c or four for €2 - was "a bit chewier - still juicy, but a bit chewier: not as smooth," Kieran said.

Tesco's Juicing Oranges will cost you €2.29 for a net of 10 - or 22c each.

"The Organic - the 79c - was the tastiest, but I don't know was it so tasty to justify that price differential," Kieran said.

Simon said he could stretch to the organic orange occasionally.

"I would be very willing once a month to folk out that good bit extra to get that as a treat," he added.

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Main image: Apples and oranges for sale at a market. Picture by: elxeneize / Alamy Stock Photo

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