Newstalk and Make-A-Wish Ireland present Wish Week

From Monday April 24th to Friday April 28th, Wish Day, Newstalk will talk to families, ambassador...

09.26 20 Apr 2023

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Newstalk and Make-A-Wish Irela...

Newstalk and Make-A-Wish Ireland present Wish Week

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Make-A-Wish Ireland


09.26 20 Apr 2023

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Newstalk has joined forces with Make-A-Wish Ireland to celebrate ‘Wish Week’.

From Monday April 24th to Friday April 28th, Wish Day, Newstalk will talk to families, ambassadors and Make-A-Wish representatives to explore the incredible work the charity does and the lives it has changed.


Make-A-Wish Ireland is a children’s charity who grant wishes to children who are living with life-threatening illnesses. With no government funding it relies solely on the generosity of the public – this generosity has allowed over 2,950 children, in Ireland, fulfil their dream wish.



Tune into Newstalk from Monday, April 24th, to hear interviews and stories from amazingly resilient and brave children and their families. We will hear about their illnesses and medical journeys and how Make-A-Wish, have given them hope to get through the harder times in their young lives.


Make-A-Wish has the added help of The Walt Disney Company Ireland, who have been a supporter of the charity since it's inception, and have kindly offered to match public donations on Wish Day in Ireland to the value of €25,000.


Where there's a wish, there's hope. Every cent raised by Make-A-Wish Ireland will help grant life changing wishes for the children who need them the most.

  • You can donate online at ie/donate.
  • You can donate €4 by texting MYWISH to 50300 (Make-A-Wish will receive a minimum of €3.60)
  • Donate on Revolut by selecting Make-A-Wish in the donations section.
  • You can call Make-A-Wish on 01-2052007 to donate by phone.
  • Bucket collections take place in shopping centres nationwide.

You can also show your support for the charity by drawing a star on your social media profile picture and donating by text.


Wish Week

Monday, 24th April: How Make-A-Wish Foundation make dreams come true.

Pat was joined by Suzanne and Douglas Perkins to tell the story of their son Jacob and how Make-A-Wish helped make his wish come true.


Tuesday, 25th April: Make-A-Wish: 'They look after the whole family' - Dr Eoin MacCraith

At the age of 12, Eoin MacCraith was diagnosed with cancer. His father, Brian, decided to contact Make-A-Wish Ireland to help with his wish – to meet Tom Morello, lead guitarist for Rage Against the Machine.


Thursday, 27th April: 'It was the perfect time' - Make-A-Wish gives teen home sensory room

Adrian Kennedy was joined by Avril Walsh Evans. Avril's son, Matthew, has adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency. Medical advancements mean the symptoms can be treated but there is no cure... Listen to Matthew's Make A Wish story now.


Friday, 28th April: Make A Wish Foundation makes a dream come through for Isabelle aged 6

The charity Make a wish foundation made a dream come true for Isabelle, aged 6 who suffers from a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along her nerves.

Isabella's mother Cliona told us all about Isabelle and her wish.


Friday, 28th April: We highlight the magic of The Make A Wish Foundation

We highlight the magic of The Make-A-Wish Foundation once again with 17-year-old Grace and we hear about her wish with her father Brian.


Friday, 28th April: 'Eve always loved animals' - Make-A-Wish made young girl’s zookeeper dreams come true

Kieran was joined by Hugh McElveen whose daughter Eve passed away in December.


Saturday, 29th April: Make A Wish Ireland

Trish Long, Vice President and General Manager of The Walk Disney Company Ltd, Ireland joins Bobby to discuss how the Make-A-Wish charity has changed many children's lives.


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