'It literally cuts them off' - Man uses 4G blocker for quiet bus journeys

Adrian said he was tired of listening to other people's conversations
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

13.40 12 Sep 2022

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'It literally cuts them off' -...

'It literally cuts them off' - Man uses 4G blocker for quiet bus journeys

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

13.40 12 Sep 2022

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One man who has a blocker to cut people's signal to their mobile phones has said he uses it for quiet bus journeys.

Adrian told Lunchtime Live he was tired of having to listen to other people's conversations.

"I worked in the UK for ages and the same problem was happening over in the UK.


"Somebody put me on to a website that sells a 3G/4G blocker for about 20 or 30 feet around you.

"You can turn this thing on in your pocket, and it just cuts the signal.

"So it's quite fun to play when people are annoying you and having loud conversations.

"It literally cuts them off, so it cuts the data off as well.

"They turn the thing off, they re-establish their connection and they make their phone call back again, and then it drops again.

"Three or four times, they give up".

He said the device is very inconspicuous.

"You literally put this thing - it's about the size of a packet of cigarettes - in your pocket with two little aerials.

"You turn it on and the signal all around you will drop."

With a price tag of about €300, he said: "It's one of these have to have things".

'I snapped last week'

Another commuter, Aidan, said he's found that all manners have just disappeared.

"I'm making a kind of conscious effort, as we're all kind of being told to do, to take more public transport.

"I'm just noticing lately that manners on public transport just seem to have gone completely out the window.

"My biggest bugbear is people who don't seem to have earphones or headphones, and think the entire bus or train has to listen to whatever they've decided to listen to today.

"Last week a guy beside me was listening to a build up to a boxing match, so we all had to listen to that.

"It used to be rare, now it's quiet regular".

He added: "It's gotten to that stage where it's just zero care given for those around you.

"I actually snapped last week, being honest, and I took out my own phone and put on 'Rhythm is a Dancer' at full volume.

"I made a show of not listening to it, I just took out what I was reading and just put it on the phone [sic] beside me because the person was playing music".

It comes as a Newstalk survey on commuting found that people are spending longer on their journeys to work since the pandemic.

The survey also showed that while almost half - 46% - are still commuting five days a week.

More than 22% say their travel time takes longer, compared with 9% who say their journey has gotten shorter.

While 29% of people say they commute fewer days now.

For those who are not commuting to work Monday to Friday, the most common number of days to visit the workplace is three days a week.

All this week Newstalk will follow listeners on their commute and discuss the issues that they face on a daily basis with experts, policy makers as well as commuters themselves. Follow and post using #MyCommuteNT

Main image: A man talking on a mobile phone on a bus. Picture by: Prostock-studio / Alamy Stock Photo

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