Israel-Hamas truce delayed until Friday

The two sides have agreed a four-day pause in fighting, reportedly set to start at 8am Irish time
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

00.01 23 Nov 2023

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Israel-Hamas truce delayed unt...

Israel-Hamas truce delayed until Friday

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

00.01 23 Nov 2023

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A truce in the war between Israel and Hamas has been delayed until Friday, according to Israeli officials.

The two sides have agreed a four-day pause in the fighting, which will allow dozens of hostages held in Gaza to be released.

The pause was previously due to begin today at at 8am Irish time.


The deal is said to include the release of 50 Israeli women and children held by Hamas in Gaza over the four days.

For every additional 10 hostages released thereafter there will be another day's pause in the fighting.

While 150 Palestinian women and people under the age of 19 held in Israeli prisons are to be freed.

The existence of a list of hostages to be released by Hamas, which was said to include Emily Hand's name, has been debunked by the office of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The nine-year-old Irish-Israeli girl is believed to have been held captive by the group in Gaza since early October.

Her family has told Newstalk they still have not heard anything official, despite reports that she could be among 50 hostages who are to be released by Hamas in the coming days.


As part of the truce humanitarian relief, medical and fuel aid are to be allowed into all areas of Gaza.

A large convoy is said to be waiting to enter the Gaza Strip.

Aerial surveillance by Israel is also to halt for four days in the south of Gaza; while aerial surveillance by Israel is to stop for six hours a day from 10am to 4pm for four days in the north of the enclave.

During the truce period, Israel has committed not to attack or arrest anyone in all areas of Gaza.

The White House said US President Joe Biden spoke to the leaders of Israel, Qatar and Egypt on Wednesday night.

'A lasting ceasefire'

The charity Oxfam has said the pause in fighting is 'a band-aid to a bleeding wound'.

Marta Valdez Garcia, Oxfam's Humanitarian Director, said more needs to be done.

"This pause of the relentless bombing and destruction that is causing such suffering to more than two million Palestinians is a welcome respite for the delivery of some humanitarian aid - but no more than that," she said.

"The next four days will be eaten up by a desperate emergency effort that can offer only very limited relief, not equal to the size of suffering and destruction and ultimately with no sustainability.

"This is a band-aid that will be ripped off a bleeding wound after four days.

"The international community must urgently advocate for this truce to evolve into a lasting ceasefire, ensuring unobstructed humanitarian aid through both Israel and Egypt, including vital fuel supplies.

"It must lead to a peace process that tackles the core of the conflict: ending Israel’s prolonged military occupation of Palestinian territory and the blockade on Gaza while also securing the release of all hostages," she added.

On October 7th, Hamas infiltrated southern Israel, killing some 1,200 people and kidnapping roughly 240, according to Israeli officials.

Latest reports from Gaza health authorities indicate that more than 13,000 civilians in total have died there since October 7th.

That total includes over 5,300 Palestinian children, accounting for 40% of deaths in the enclave.

Out of Gaza's 2.3 million people, 1.7 million are now displaced according to the United Nations.

Main image: Extensive destruction is seen in the Gaza Strip following Israeli airstrikes, 10-10-23. Image: WHO

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