Irish Rail: 'About 20 trains' cancelled due to close contact absences

A number of services will be affected up to and including Friday
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

07.06 4 Jan 2022

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Irish Rail: 'About 20 trains'...

Irish Rail: 'About 20 trains' cancelled due to close contact absences

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

07.06 4 Jan 2022

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Irish Rail says about 20 of its services are being cancelled for the rest of this week due to COVID-19 and close contact absences.

It says these temporary changes will see a number of services affected up to and including Friday.

The majority of these are on the Grand Canal Dock to Hazelhatch and Newbridge routes.


The following services are cancelled:

  • 06:12hrs & 07:19hrs Newbridge to Grand Canal Dock
  • 06:30hrs Carlow to Heuston
  • 07:35hrs Newbridge to Heuston
  • 08:17hrs, 10:32hrs, 12:35hrs, 17:30hrs, 17:52hrs, 19:32hrs & 21:35hrs Hazelhatch to Grand Canal Dock
  • 15:08hrs Newbridge to Pearse
  • 07:26hrs, 09:11hrs, 11:30hrs, 16:28hrs, 16:59hrs, 18:40hrs, 20:30hrs & 22:30hrs Grand Canal Dock to Hazelhatch
  • 13:30hrs & 18:17hrs Grand Canal Dock to Newbridge

Public transport is operating with 100% of on-board capacity, and a full schedule is operating across the network.

But customers are advised to avoid peak travel unless their journey is for essential work, education, care provision or medical purposes.

While Iarnród Éireann says, at other times, there may be delays in boarding on DART and Commuter services due to capacity constraints.

Barry Kenny from Irish Rail told Breakfast Briefing they are keeping the disruption to a minimum.

"The normal weekday service, after the Christmas and New Year timetable alterations, resumes from today.

"And ordinarily on a weekday we'd have over 670 services around the network - the vast majority of those are operating, and the vast majority of routes are operating normally as well.

"But we do... on the Grand Canal Dock to Hazelhatch and Newbridge route have a number of cancellations.

"Again, the majority of the services on that route are operating today - but for people who do travel on those services, we invite them just to check the times.

"There are a number of cancellations: about 20 trains in total, mainly on that Grand Canal Dock to Newbridge/Hazelhatch service.

"And as well then a 6.30 from Carlow to Heuston and one of the services from Newbridge into Heuston as well".

He says Iarnród Éireann has been hit like every other company.

"Like every employer, like every service provider at the moment, with the number of cases that are in the country... it isn't something that we can escape.

"And we just have - particularly in Heuston at the moment - a number there that means unfortunately this is unavoidable.

"We will be working right through this to ensure that we minimise the impact on as many services as possible.

"That's something we've been doing right through COVID.

"But of course the numbers right through the country are unprecedented, as everybody can see, and unfortunately this relatively moderate number of services do have to be cancelled over the next four days".

Main image: An Irish Rail train at Heuston Station, Dublin in June 2014. Picture by: Douglas Pfeiffer / Alamy Stock Photo

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