Irish pornstar: ‘I grew up in slums of Dublin but now I’m successful’

Andy Lee was introduced to adult film 15 years ago.
Robert Kindregan
Robert Kindregan

18.52 14 Feb 2024

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Irish pornstar: ‘I grew up in...

Irish pornstar: ‘I grew up in slums of Dublin but now I’m successful’

Robert Kindregan
Robert Kindregan

18.52 14 Feb 2024

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An Irish pornstar has said they have finally found success in life after growing up in the “slums of Dublin”.

On Moncrieff today, Andy Lee shared his story of losing his job as a plumber during COVID before rising to the top of the adult film industry through Only Fans.

He is currently filming a second documentary on his life and has established a business in the UK to help others get involved in the world of adult film.


Mr Lee said his life hasn’t always been this way.

“I came from the slums of Dublin to the life I live now being a polar opposite,” he said.

“I grew up in drug-related poverty and now I’m successful.

“You won’t find anyone more confident than me now; I’m a good-looking lad, I’ve got a big d*** and I’m rich – what can I complain about?”


Mr Lee said he was introduced to the world of adult film by happenstance some 15 years ago.

“I met a fella in the gym and walked about the changing room waving my bits about,” he said.

“He says ‘Jesus mate, want to make some money?

“I got 600 quid to go do a video for a website and that’s where it all began.”

Losing his job

Mr Lee was a plumber in the UK at the time and continued plumbing for many years over there before losing his job at the beginning of COVID.

“I was working for the council and my boss had seen stuff on the internet from my past and literally let me go that day,” he said.

“It was at the start of COVID when everything was scary and I couldn’t get a job anywhere so I turned to Only Fans.

“Since then, it has changed my life in a very positive way.”

Finding success

Mr Lee used the money he generated through posting his own content on the platform, to establish a successful studio business.

“I decided to use the money I had saved up to buy a building and converted it into a studio,” he said.

“We have all different sets, cameras, and everything needed to work safely – people come here to get content done.”

Family's thoughts

Most family members were supportive of the career choice, according to Mr Lee.

“To be honest, 80% of people were supportive of me," he said.

“I have a couple of aunties who I’m really close with and they love it and love to talk about it.

“Then if I tried to mention it in front of some of my uncles they’d go ‘no, that’s disgusting.’”

Mr Lee added that he regularly experiences trolling on the internet, but he “lives for it” and doesn’t let it bother him.

You can listen back here:

Main image: Irish pornstar Andy Lee. Image: Instagram @do_it_like_andy

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