€10 for a pint 'a serious amount of money'

It comes after a pint of Rockshore cider in one Dublin pub has hit €10.45
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

20.47 19 Feb 2024

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€10 for a pint 'a serious amou...

€10 for a pint 'a serious amount of money'

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

20.47 19 Feb 2024

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Charging over €10 for a pint of cider is not something that many pubs could do, a publican has said.

It comes after a pint of Rockshore cider costs €10.45 at the The Merchant's Arch pub in Dublin's Temple Bar.

During normal hours, a pint of Rockshore cider costs €9.45 - but this price jumps to €10.45 if ordering the drink with a meal in the restaurant upstairs, the Sunday World reports.


Owner of Moynihan's Bar in Donard, Co Wicklow Paul Moynihan told The Hard Shoulder these prices would not be sustainable for him.

"It's up to every publican, every trader to set their own prices so that's where we are," he said.

"In Donard where I come from there's no way the market would sustain a big jump in the Guinness, which is the staple really.

"The Guinness is the one we have to watch.

"It's a serious amount of money for a pint alright - I read it's if you're having a meal and it's late at night.

"The general run in the country would be that a pint of cider would be maybe €6.50."

Empty pints of Guinness as pubs close in Dublin city centre, 24-12-20. Empty pints of Guinness as pubs close in Dublin city centre, 24-12-20. Image: Sam Boal/

Mr Moynihan said most of his customers are regulars.

"The trade that I have in Donard would be a return trade, I'd be depending on my regulars to come in regularly," he said.

"So if I don't keep my prices competitive, they mightn't be able to afford to come out.

"Things are tough out there for everybody, so we've got to try and be competitive and keep the community going."

'Value for money'

Independent Kerry County Councillor Niall Botty O'Callaghan told the show there is good value to be had.

"It's important that you get value for money," he said.

"You get value for money around the city of Dublin as well, like The Croke Park Hotel is amazing for value, The Big Tree offer great prices on drink.

"It's up to every man to do his own thing, but I know that you definitely wouldn't get away with it here in Killarney."

E1EYGT A couple of pints of beer in the sunlight on a pub table Pints of beer in the sunlight, 9-7-13. Image: Ed Taylor / Alamy

Cllr O'Callaghan said there is pressure on everyone.

"You have the price increases, the VAT increases, the lack of footfall on the streets - they all add up to having a very hard winter in the town of Killarney," he said.

"But you wouldn't get away with increasing your prices anywhere close to that.

"We're built on a local trade and our locals they'd come in over the counter at you if you're going to start trading like that.

"We want people to come to Killarney and enjoy their weekend, get good value for money and come back again.

"I suppose it's a different market that they're in in the Temple Bar," he added.

There were concerns back in 2022 that the price of a pint could reach €10 in 'certain locations'.

Tony Foley, emeritus associate professor of economics at DCU Business School, said at the time that rates would be based on the market situation and location.

Main image: File photo. Picture by: Philip Toscano/PA Archive/PA Images

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