E-scooter regulations: ‘They’re essential in alleviating congestion’

“They are a necessity rather than a modern affluent luxury.”
Robert Kindregan
Robert Kindregan

16.14 15 May 2024

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E-scooter regulations: ‘They’r...

E-scooter regulations: ‘They’re essential in alleviating congestion’

Robert Kindregan
Robert Kindregan

16.14 15 May 2024

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The e-scooter is “essential” to alleviating traffic congestion in cities and urban areas across Ireland, a leading technology expert has claimed.

On Lunchtime Live today, Colin Baker said the controversial mode of transport is an “absolute need” in modern society.

It follows an announcement by Transport Minister Eamon Ryan today that e-scooters will be banned for those aged under 16 from next Monday.


The Green Party leader has signed off on other e-scooter regulations too, such as a 20km/h speed limit and tighter rules on lighting and breaks.

Mr Baker said scooters should play an important role in society.

“I’m a huge proponent of the e-scooter and alternative ways of getting around, which is absolutely essential given the congestion in cities and urban areas,” he said.

“This is a necessity and something we absolutely need - rather than a modern affluent luxury.”

Row of electric scooters for hire in London. Image: Pat Tuson / Alamy Stock Photo

The tech expert said e-scooters are also likely safer to use than bikes.

“The head position is slightly above that of a bike, the peripheral vision is better because you’re not back and your spine isn’t sloped forward – it’s vertical,” he said.

“Your ability to remove yourself from a scooter in a minor mishap is better because you don’t have a frame between your legs.

“There’s quite a number of factors that make it slightly safer than bikes and a couple of factors that make it slightly less safe – like the size of the wheels.”

'I nearly got mowed down'

Rosemary in Wexford told the show she was fearful of e-scooters.

“Some people just don’t take care on scooters and drive on paths which should be illegal,” she said.

“I nearly got mowed down the other day and I believe an elderly woman lost her life recently after being hit by an e-scooter on a path.”

A man on an e-scooter in Dublin. Photo: Sam Boal/

Rosemary called for further regulations around e-scooter use.

“You shouldn’t be able to buy one on a shelf and go off and do your own thing, there should be some level of training before you’re allowed to use one,” she said.

“It should also be compulsory to wear a helmet and have a hi-vis on.

“I think scooters are more dangerous than bikes because they can go faster.”

Regulatory differences

Caitlyn told the show she didn’t understand some of the differences in regulation between e-bikes and e-scooters.

“For example, the speed limit is 20km/h on an e-scooter but is 25km/h with an e-bike,” she said.

“We’ve also got a maximum wattage of 0.4 kilowatts on an e-scoter whereas an e-bike, pedal assist, is up to 0.2 kilowatts.

“They are also two-wheeled vehicles that are going to be using the same lanes, going to the same places, and I don’t understand why there’s such differences.”

Under new regulations, scooters are not allowed to carry more than one person at once and they also can’t be fitted with seats.

You can listen back here:

Main image: A child on an e-scooter. Image: Prostock-studio / Alamy Stock Photo

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