Banning vapes would be 'abdicating instead of regulating'

Vaping is set to be banned for recreational use in Australia, along with all single-use disposable vapes
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.31 2 May 2023

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Banning vapes would be 'abdica...

Banning vapes would be 'abdicating instead of regulating'

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.31 2 May 2023

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A suggestion of banning vaping products would be 'abdication not regulation' of the smoking alternatives.

That is according to one Lunchtime Live listener, who was speaking as vapes are set to be banned for recreational use in Australia.

Under new rules, vapes will only be sold in pharmacies there and in 'pharmaceutical-like' packaging with certain flavours, colours and other ingredients banned.


All single-use disposable vapes will also be banned under the Australian plans.

Meanwhile proposed Irish legislation would ban the sale of vapes to people under-18.

Tom Gleeson from the New Nicotine Alliance Ireland told the show a ban ignores regulation.

"Banning anything is not regulating it, it is abdicating regulation," he said.

"That's what Australia have decided to do.

"They haven't done it yet - remember this is only the first stage of a long process, so it might never happen".

'Offering an alternative'

Mr Gleeson said any alternative to smoking should be more affordable.

"We know enough about vaping compared to smoking, and that's the important thing," he said.

"While combustible cigarettes remain available, the safer, less risky alternative must be more available.

"It must be more attractive and more affordable. The important thing is to eliminate smoking.

"You are not going to get rid of smoking until you offer an alternative: that's how things go into oblivion.

"Who uses a film camera? They didn't get rid of it by banning it, they got rid of it by digital cameras.

"Who uses a landline? Nobody banned them, but we all have a phone up to our ear," he added.

'So easy to pull out the vape'

Niamh in Dublin said it has become habitual for her.

"I had gotten one on a night out, and then it kind of had turned into a habit of having it during the day," she said.

"Although I may have social smoked with cigarettes, I've now developed a habit of buying a packet of cigarettes and having them during the day.

"I was definitely of the opinion, a few years ago, that I wouldn't smoke - maybe one social smoke - but it never intrigued me, it only intrigued me after vaping".

A teen vaping on the street. A teen vaping on the street. Image: Steven Gill / Alamy

Niamh said vaping happens where smoking doesn't.

"It would be after a lecture we'll go for a smoke break with a vape," she said.

"Even then when you're walking somewhere it's so easy to pull out the vape... as when you're smoking you kind of have to stand still and light it.

"I know for so many young people that they're in their bedrooms vaping away while they're watching Netflix, when you wouldn't smoke indoors.

"So it creates bad habits," she added.

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Main image: A man smoking an electronic cigarette and exhaling the smoke in October 2013. Picture by: incamerastock / Alamy Stock Photo

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