You can now pre-order your Tesla in Ireland

An entry-level Model S will set you back around €81,000...

You can now pre-order your Tesla in Ireland

Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk | Photo: PA Images

Planning to cut the ribbon on a Dublin store next year, Tesla has now made it possible for eager electric car lovers in Ireland to pre-order their motors from today.

Its Model S and Model X SUV are available to officially pre-order in the country from today, with deliveries expected next year.

You can get your hands on an entry-level Model S for €81,086, with the full-spec version costing double that figure.

The Model S will let you travel over 400km on a single charge for its basic model (up to 613km for full-spec) and go from zero to 100km/hour in 2.7 seconds at its fastest. The Model X SUV starts at a price of €110,042. You can order test drives on both now.

No word as yet on when Ireland will be getting the more affordable Model 3, which Tesla itself says is its first vehicle aimed at the mass market.  It is set to retail at a base price of $35,000 across the Atlantic, with full production slated for 2018 (though Tesla CEO Elon Musk has admitted it may take until 2020 to fulfil demand).

Along with that store, supercharging stations are coming to Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast in 2017. There are already over 1,200 public charging points around Ireland. The superchargers, however, can fully charge a Tesla car in approximately 75 minutes; up to 16 times as fast as public charging stations.