Westboro Baptist Church deploys Jigglypuff to take on pro-LGBT Pokemon Go player

The group says the game promotes a sinful lifestyle

Love it or loathe it, there's only one thing people are talking about in the world of tech this week and it's Pokemon Go. The app has more downloads than Tinder (and that's a lot). It's seems, however, that the game has managed to get the wrong side of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. 

One player noticed the Kansas based church was tagged as a "gym" within the game - a location that Pokémon trainers can claim as their own. 

The trainer in question, named "Pinknose", claimed grounds of Westboro Baptist Church and rebranded it "LoveisLove". 

Westboro Baptist Church is renowned for its anti-LGBT stance and was quick to take to Twitter and condemn the acts of 'Pinknose'.

“We recruited Jigglypuff to deal with the sodomite loveislove Clefairy for us,” said the church on Twitter. 

Church elder Steve Drain told USA Today that the church uses whatever tools they can to get their message across – even if that instrument may be a false idol.

“We try to speak whatever language is being spoken,” Drain said.

“This little church, as despised and vilified as we are, the location of this church will be memorialised throughout eternity,” he added. “We’re willing by God’s grace to say that homosexuality is wrong, and that’s what we’ve been known for, even though we preach the whole counsel of God.”