Watch out for this Penneys scam on Facebook

This is not a legitimate competition

Many companies use social media to engage customers with their brands. The content ranges from funny memes to competitions. 

While some of the competitions are amazing and exciting, others are scams. One such scam doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment is using retail giant, Penneys as a cover. You may recognise this voucher from a similar scam that did the rounds last summer. 

Well, it's back and targeting Primark consumers in the UK. 

The post claims the company is giving away coupons as part of their 'anniversary celebrations'. To enter, users need to click on a link and follow the instructions. Security experts have warned, however, that anyone who does so is compromising their personal information.

The fake Primark voucher

A spokesperson for Primark said told The Independent: "We are aware that some fake adverts have been circulated on social media. We advise all our customers to ignore these posts and not to submit any personal information.”