Was Italy v South Korea 2002 as farcical as people think?

Richard Whittle recounts the fallout from Italy's controversial World Cup second round defeat to hosts South Korea on Team 33

Host nations are often accused of getting an easy ride from officials at World Cup finals.

But for many, South Korea's run to the semi-finals on home soil in 2002 seemed particularly blatant.

While Ireland's conquerors Spain were on the end of questionable refereeing decisions in the quarter-final, it is the second round match against Italy that really caused most consternation.

The Italians were infuriated by a range of refereeing calls made by Byron Moreno including a harsh red card for Francesco Totti and a goal ruled out for Italy, among others.

But on Episode 5 of Team 33, Italy-based commentator Richard Whittle tells us why the Italians should put more blame on themselves than on referee Moreno.

He also recounts the fallout from the game which had undesirable consequences for Ahn Jung Hwan, the scorer of Korea's winner, and on Moreno himself who was was jailed on drug smuggling charges.  

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