100 Days of Trump: The man who lives outside Trump Tower

Catching up with the protesters and supporters outside Trump Tower

100 Days of Trump: The man who lives outside Trump Tower

Paul Rosa, one of the last anti-Trump protesters outside Trump Tower. Image: Richard Chambers.

So, here we are - Trump Tower  (or the 'Death Star' as some opponents of the American President have dubbed it).

Over the past year or two, it’s become one of the most popular building to photograph, in a city full of them. Some people stop for a simple smiling selfie - others feel it’s a chance to show their resistance.

"I actually wanted to come here and just fly the finger to him," one protester said. "I think it's disgusting that people are taking pictures when we know what he's doing."

A Chinese protester - Lee Shin Pu - stands outside the tower every day with a sign that reads: "Peace, freedom, democracy - a long way to go". Many people come to take photos with him.

I also took the chance to make small talk with some of the many, many Trump supporters who come out here under the darkened glass of the Tower as a quasi-pilgrimage.

One group came all the way from Nashville:

"We were just in the city and we wanted to see how much security there was," they said.

On the question of whether the cost to keep the tower locked down was justified, they were in agreement.

"He's our president. Absolutely. You can never spend too much money to protect the President."

In four years, the group said Trump's protesters would benefit just as much as the people outside the tower supporting him.

Permanent protester

Then - on the horizon - he appeared. A wavy haired, faded hippy of a man in a windbreaker and tinted glasses.

Comedy club owner Paul Rosa is now practically the last man standing at the Trump Tower protest vigil - Rosa has been outside Trump Tower protesting every day for "about a year".

He carries a poster of Trump kissing Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighting his "obsession and business connections" with Putin.

As long as its not raining, Rosa will protest for about six hours, five or six days a week.

Dedicated? Yes. A nuisance? Possibly. Unhinged? That’s for you to decide. But does he ever get trouble from the Trump pilgrims?

"Not from the authorities - they can't do anything because it's free speech," he said. "But from Trump reporters, some really original insults like 'why don't you leave the country?'

"I joke, but it's going to be a very tough four years. Even if he gets impeached, [Vice President Mike] Pence is horrible, they have Congress, Senate, the Supreme Court, they have it all."

Rosa said he will continue to protest "so long as it's worth my while".

I was curious - he’s been here every single day, for months upon months. Surely by now he’d caught a glimpse of his target?

"If you Google 'Penis costume Trump Tower', I used to be over there with my penis costume and a Trump mask. All of a sudden, security came with automatic weapons, they put up the steel guards and he actually came out and waved."

If you’re ever in New York - do say hello (penis costumes are optional).