Three must have apps to manage your money from your phone

There’s a wide selection of apps offering to help you manage your money, but here’s our top 3

Let’s face it, everyone aspires to manage their money a little better, but it can seem like a lot of effort to set up spreadsheets and dig out the calculator. This is where apps come in handy. There’s a huge selection of apps available in the finance section of the various apps stores, but here’s the three you need to manage your money.


First up, it helps to know how much you have so ensure you have your bank's app downloaded onto your phone. This means you'll no longer need to queue at an ATM to check your balance. It's also possible to pay bills, transfer money and top up a mobile phone account from these applications. 


So now you know what you have, it's time to plan where it should go. "Pocket Expense Personal Finance" is a great app that is simple to use and free! Each time money comes and goes from your account, log it in the app. It'll help you see what you're spending your money on and identify where you could be saving. It's possible to set up monthly budgets that factor in things like mortgage, rent, bills, food and childcare. 


How many of you shop around? And by shop around, I don't just mean Google-searching what you're going to buy. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to pretty much everything, but we need to make sure we're getting the best value possible on every purchase. PriceSpy is an application and site which allows consumers to conduct a price comparison on everything and anything. This is particularly useful when buying larger items, such as a piece of technology. It scours sources ranging from shops to online retailers to find you the best deal.