Three customers can leave their contract, as prices rise

The network is increasing the cost of its monthly plans

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If you are 'Three' customer you may have received a notification from the network, informing you of a price hike on your monthly bill. While this is never good news, there is some silver lining.  

The network has announced its intention to raise the cost of many bill plans by €5, citing the increased cost of doing business as the reason behind it. 

"This is the first time that Three has revised the cost of its core portfolio in a number of years," explained the company in a statement. "These changes are a direct result of the increase in costs of doing business. Notwithstanding the revisions, we still offer some of the most competitive plans on the market that are affordable and offer real value to our customers. Three is in the process of this portfolio review and affected customers will be notified in due course."

As the company is changing the terms, customers can opt out of their contract if they do not accept the proposed changes. Anyone unhappy with the €5 increase has 30 days to exit, without a penalty. This means those who purchased a phone as part of their bill plan do not have to return the device. 

Three also announced changes to its pre-pay options. It's €20 unlimited data package will be cut from 30 days to 28 days, adding up to 24 days less over the space of 12 months.

The mobile network told Newstalk that it is "committed to maintaining our highly competitive position in the market, both on price and quality of service, and will remain industry leaders for data."

Additional reporting by Joseph Conroy.