The new iOS update wants to help you sleep better at night

An addition called “Night Shift” changes the hew of the screen

The Apple event on Monday evening was slightly underwhelming; leaks had told us most of what would be unveiled, but the iOS update peaked the interest of some. One of the new features included a “Night Shift” mode.

The idea with “Night Shift” is that the iPhone screen shifts the display’s colours to warmer hues in the evening time. Scientists say the blue light emitted from our screens plays havoc with our sleeping patterns, tricking the brain into the thinking it’s daytime. The blue light interferes with the production of melatonin, the hormone our brains use to tell our bodies it’s time to sleep.

“Night Shift” turns the blue hues to red at a time picked by the user. The red hew is less disruptive, thus helping the user have a better nights sleep. 

“Pillow” is an iOS app that works alongside the new Night Shift mode to monitor sleep patterns. Users open the app, set their alarm time and place their down face-down. This app then monitors how much one sleeps and the quality of that sleep.

Users can look back at their sleeping patterns via the Health App on their iPhone.