"The European Union has stripped us of democracy" - Tom McGurk on Brexit

The broadcaster says he wishes more Irish people would "start listening and looking at" what's happening in Britain

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Tom McGurk. Image: RollingNews.ie

Broadcaster Tom McGurk says the possibility of a Brexit is an 'existential moment' for the Irish. 

The comments came as new Guardian/ICM polls show a 53%-47% advantage for 'Leave' once 'don’t know' voters are excluded.

"I am absolutely delighted the way they are standing up to the people who rule us in Brussels," Tom told George on this evening's Right Hook. "I really wish a few people in Ireland would start listening and looking at what they're doing over there".

He said: "It's an existential moment for the Irish, because we're being asked to make a choice between London and Brussels. London is far deeper in our emotions and knowledge than Brussels ever was.

"If the Brits come out, isn't there a case for us to look again at where we stand? [...] Could we have a special deal where we have a relationship with Britain, and another relationship with the European Union?" he added.

Tom described migration as the cause célèbre of the 'Leave' campaign, suggesting it is the working class "who have most concern about it.

"Migration is the greatest crisis facing the European Union and facing us as well. Angela Merkel must have taken leave of her senses when she said 'we have an open door a few months ago".

Tom admitted he "couldn't agree more that" that Ireland would not be what it is today without the EU. However, he argued, "let's take it and run. How much more have they to offer us? [...] You don't have to be in the EU to trade with the EU".

He believes a Brexit is going to happen, observing: "I wonder have we replaced the colonial DNA for the Brits for a sort of colonial DNA for the European Union, because nobody in this country has a single criticism to make of the situation.

"Once this is over, we are heading for some sort of federal political Europe. The European Union has stripped us of democracy," he added.