The 10 things you need to know from the web this week

From taking a stand with stanzas to wakening the feminists, the Internet embraces us all this week

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When it comes to surfing the web, it's easy to get lost at sea. So let Moncrieff's regular guest Darragh Doyle, a man who knows a thing or two about what's weird and wonderful online, steer you in the right direction.

You can listen back to his full segment below, but here's what you need to know from the Internet this week...

From the official Ireland 2016 Commemorations who say it will belong to everyone on this island and to our friends and families overseas – regardless of political or family background, or personal interpretation of our modern history.


Reclaim the Vision of 1916 is a group of artists, academics, trade unionists, community activists, journalists and other interested citizens who believe Ireland can be “reinvigorated by the ideals of the signatories of the Proclamation”.

They have a poetry competition you can enter on their website with the theme: The Vision of 1916: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Original submissions (not more than thirty lines) will soon be invited from persons over the age of sixteen, living at home or abroad, and should not have been previously published, including on social media.

  • #wakingthefeminists Nollaig na Mban events 

#WakingTheFeminists - calling for equality for women artists - are celebrating Nollaig na mBan tomorrow with a series of events around Ireland and in New York. The events are open to everyone. Full details are on the twitter hashtag and on the WTF Facebook page.

You can enjoy a 50 Minute personal Audio Tour of Dublin and the 1916 Walking Tour from InHandGuides, an Irish Company based in Cork that specialises in Souvenir Audio players.

It’s a 13 track MP3 player with a map and features Lorcan Collins, renowned tour guide, inviting you to revisit the seven days that shaped Ireland’s Future. You’ll visit Trinity College, Pearse St, Liberty Hall, Wynn’s Hotel, Moore St, the GPO and more.

A Gmail Plug-in that warns you when you write emails using words which undermine your message

Inspired by the writings of Tara Mohr and others, this Chrome Extension for Gmail will warn you when you use words or phrases that undermine your message.   Words will be underlined for correction with additional information about how using the phrase is perceived. Don't worry, the underline won't get sent as part of your email if you decide to ignore it.

  • Wake up early: Get Up Early with The Spin Me Alarm Clock

If getting up early is an issue for you, the Spin Me Alarm is surely one of the worst. The only way to turn off the alarm is by getting out of bed and physically spinning yourself around until the alarm stops! There is no escape! You have to stand up, place both thumbs on the screen, spin around twice.

Think you can cheat and simply spin the device while still in bed? Try and see for yourself! Available on iOS and Google. has inspired millions of people all over the world to get smarter every day. Get informed with 5 new amazing topics, delivered daily.

The Daily Curiosity App gives you the most interesting topics and learning content from the web, hand-picked by their editors every day. You can enjoy their hand-picked digests of awe-inspiring videos. No time to watch? Infographics and key facts give you info at a glance. You can see how long the videos are and what they’ll teach you.

Pick from Art & Design, Fitness & Health, Lifestyle, Nature & Science, Food & Drink, Medicine, Music, Technology and more. You can see it all over on their website.

24me puts everything related to your schedule together, in one place: Your calendars, to-do lists, notes and personal accounts. It generates your daily tasks and events, and completes them for you with a tap of a button.

By using an advanced technology, 24me redefines productivity and gives you heads up about everything that’s happening in your day, reminding you about what coming up next and automatically taking care of things for you - just like a real Personal Assistant would.

Making Connections is inspired by a simple but powerful idea: that people living within a community have a natural gift for friendship and a desire to help those around them.

In order to promote this culture of connection, they arrange for volunteers to visit and get to know older members of the community who live independently. Strong, happy, stimulating friendships have been cultivated as a result.
Volunteers are asked to commit to visiting the person they’re matched with for an hour a week, for a minimum of nine months. You will be accompanied on the first visit by one of the staff from Making Connections.

Your commitment does not involve household tasks or personal care - rather your visits will be about keeping someone company; engaging in lively conversations, sharing common interests or swapping skills and life stories. Possibly, just possibly, there will be tea and biscuits involved. (let's face it: this nation was built on tea and biscuits).

Volunteers are their most valuable asset and we will support you with training, meetings, advice, recognition and social events. You can apply online here.

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