Tesco managers told they need to be nicer to staff

The company is looking to change the culture on its shop floors.

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Image: RollingNews.ie

Matt Davies, chief executive of Tesco’s UK and Irish business, has asked those in managerial positions in the company to be nicer to their staff to try and boost morale.

Davies has asked that managers use basic courtesies with staff in store, such as saying please and thank you, or offering some form of recognition for a job well done. 

"It is about celebrating success and the power of appreciation," said Davies. "There is power in saying thank you and of spotting somebody doing a job well and appreciating that". 

Davies added that it has not been passed down as a regulation, but rather as a norm to try and change the culture at the company. 

The supermarket chain has been going through a difficult period after it announced that the company had suffered its worst loss to date in 2015, as well as an accounting scandal which revealed a £250m profit overstatement.

Speaking at the Retail Week Live conference in London, Davies said the move was part of an ongoing rebuilding process: 

"Rebuilding trust is a core part of what we need to do – rebuilding trust with colleagues, customers and the nation at large – and that will take a period of time and will follow from running our business the right way".

Via The Guardian