Tech tools to keep your garden in check during the sunny days

Some tech treats that won't break the bank...

The sun is set to shine for most of the week, meaning now is the time to do up your garden.

While you can't go wrong with an old shovel and rake, there are many tech tools that will help make the job a bit easier. 

Gardenline Electric Grass Trimmer €29.99

As always, Aldi has some amazing bits and pieces on offer. 

This Gardenline Electric Grass Trimmer is an ideal companion for any garden with a grass patch of any size. The device has a 450W motor that can spin at 9,000 revolutions per minute. It has a sturdy, adjustable handle making it easy for everyone to use. The trimmer comes with a 3-year warranty. 

Calor Mini BBQ €169.99

If you're tight on space, but want to have the ability to cook outside, the Calor Mini BBQ is worth checking out. This lightweight, portable BBQ has an integrated storage space for the gas cartridge and even has a small area to prep the food. Internally, the BBQ has a cast aluminum plate, which is excellent for retaining the heat. 

Flymo Venturer VT32 Lawnmower €99.00

The key thing to consider when buying a lawnmower is the size of your grass patch. If you have a sprawling lawn, you will need a heavy duty mower. If you have a standard garden, however, this Flymo Venturer VT32 is worth considering. 


This has a 1000W motor and has a 10-meter cable. This particular model can cut grass ranging from 2cm - 6cm. 

Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor €44.99 

I have no issue with telling you that I am not a good gardener. I don't know what type of plant needs what sort of conditions. Thankfully, there is a technological solution to help people like me!

This is a sensor that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It can measure things like soil moisture, light intensity, temperature and the amount of fertiliser in the soil. All of this is presented in real time. 

The app has some 6,000 plants stored in its directory, which helps ensure you can take proper care of every plant and pot in your garden.