Strong Irish presence expected at Mobile World Congress

The tech event gets underway in Barcelona next week

Strong Irish presence expected at Mobile World Congress

Fira Barcelona

Each year, thousands of people working in all sectors of mobile technology descend upon Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. This year's conference gets underway on February 27th, and it looks as though the Irish will be well represented there. 

Fourteen Enterprise Ireland client companies will exhibit on the 'Ireland Pavilion' on site at the Fira Barcelona. Here's a brief rundown on some of the companies that will be there. 


Global companies such as Sony and Intel rely on Vistatec to make sure their message is getting across to customers and clients all over the world.

Dublin-based Vistatec uses 'Deep Content Technology’ and machine-learning software to 'transcreate content', pulling both public data (such as BBC Online news) and private user-generated content (Online Travel Portal) together, to provide the customer with relevant context, language and cultural relevance.

Software Radio Systems

Cork-headquartered Software Radio Systems is breaking the mould and disrupting the world of mobile by providing its 'open source' radio signalling research and test platforms, which enables companies to build new 4G LTE advanced prototypes.

SRS is smashing the barriers to entry into the mobile equipment world, and using partnerships such as its links with the European Space Agency (ESA) to help clients create new products for use in a range of areas – from Wifi on commercial aircraft to drones, and 4G handsets and networks.

MDS Amiba

More than 760,000 small business across Europe already use VoIP on the mobile (PBX technology on your Smartphone) developed by Clonshaugh-based MDS Amiba to stay in touch. 

A designer of cloud-based communications software for the small and medium-sized business market, MDS Amiba has developed advanced systems to help Small & Medium Size (SME) businesses stay in touch – with staff and customers. Web-based video conferencing, cloud-based phone exchanges, and contact centre solutions and just some of the business-friendly solutions offered by MDS Amiba. It can also provide a portable, fixed-line number together with a user’s mobile number to use on their smartphone or laptop.


MAdme’s Mobile Engagement software helps mobile carrier clients and brands to achieve higher engagement levels with customers using relevant rich, interactive media, just as those customers are using their devices, thus ensuring a more personal experience – for instance asking a customer if they are happy with the service right after completing a call, or joining a Wifi network.

Inhance Technology

Cork-based Inhance Technology helps blue-chip mobile carriers, retailers and insurers to increase profits, drive new business and retain more customers. 

With Inhance Technology’s solutions, carriers and retailers can make sure that they’re prepared to retain customer loyalty. Its solutions help carriers and retailers to accurately determine the value of their customers’ mobile device, offering them timely trade-in offers. That helps to drive loyalty and retention.

Inhance Technology’s clients include Best Buy, Dixons Carphone, Orange and insurance giant AIG.


Iricent’s SDN solution – APNOS - enables carriers to create a dynamic, scalable network that gives a controller a complete dynamic overview of the network, allowing them to direct, optimize or customize traffic across the network.

The Dublin-based company’s NFV service (‘MANO as a Service’ - Maas) frees network functions from proprietary hardware. That reduces capital expenditure by running virtualized network functions on a single hardware platform. It speeds the deployment of new applications and services, while reducing the risk of trialling them. Its services are targeted at both carriers and equipment providers.


Audi, Heineken and Ikea are just three of the many global brands that have used iMobMedia’s unique solutions designed to drive loyalty and increase customer spend.

Using its unique geolocation technology, IMob helps mobile network operators and publishers to connect with customers at the right time, in the right place and with the right offer, via SMS and MMS. The result? It typically delivers a five-fold increase in redemption rates of branded offers.

iMobMedia’s geolocation technology opens up a new revenue stream for mobile network operators, enabling them to leverage their assets to brands, agencies and retailers through location-based marketing, location-based advertising and direct marketing.

The Dublin-based company’s app strategy solutions enhance the user experience, and enable brands to connect with millions of customers, giving them access to relevant and premium content. It helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their target audience by analyzing digital content consumption from the digital ecosystem.

HeyStaks AI Marketing

HeyStaks helps clients makes sense of users’ browsing patterns – in real time. This builds a profile of user intent, what they’re interested in and how they behave. In turn, that enables mobile operators to give subscribers exactly what they want, when they want it, by personalising marketing messages.

HeyStaks Retina Platform identifies communities of like-minded people. It processes signals, such time and location, to add context to these communities. Importantly, HeyStaks’ solutions allow mobile operators to track consumer trends, while respecting users’ rights to anonymity. The Dublin company’s clients include mobile operators such as Digicel, Vodafone and Three.


Dublin-based Equiendo has developed its EquiTraf solution, enabling mobile operators to meet capacity demands of non-uniform, exponential traffic growth across their networks.

That translates into better user insight and experiences and allows operators to optimise network revenue generation opportunities, improve efficiency and grow capacity. Companies such as Telefónica, Digicel, Vodafone, Three, BT, Netshare, Eir, Manx Telecom already rely on Equiendo’s cloud-based solutions to deliver results.

EquiTraf also enables operators to predict RAN (Radio Access Network) budget requirements.

Druid Software

When Panasonic Avionics wanted help to deliver the world’s first in-flight 3G service, it talked to Druid Software.

The cutting-edge Raemis system developed by the Wickow-based firm provides all the functionality of a large, public cellular network, but can be hosted on an industry standard server and deployed rapidly in enterprise environments, from universities to hospitals, hotels, offices and warehousing – any place where employee mobility is needed.

The system can prioritise different members of staff, and also protect the private mobile network for the exclusive use of employees. And in mission-critical work environments such as hospitals, the Raemis system is especially useful, providing what could be life-saving mobile communications between staff even if a public network fails or is compromised.

Druid Software’s deep knowledge of cellular signalling protocols and knowledge of avionics platforms played a crucial factor in the development and roll-out of the in-flight 3G service, which is operated by Panasonic firm Aero Mobile.

In-flight passengers can use their smartphones for data, text and voice services as international roamers. The 3G service is being installed on Air Berlin’s entire A330-200 fleet and will also be extended to other airline partners. 

Cubic Telecom

Working with some of the world’s biggest transport, telecoms and technology brands, Dublin-based Cubic Telecom is a connectivity pioneer.

At the 2016 Tech Gathering in Dublin, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella showcased Cubic Telecom, which he said is using the public cloud to transform industry. He said it’s a “fantastic example of an Irish start-up” that as built something “significant” for Europe and the world. 

Cubic Telecom offers global solutions for leading companies providing in Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), and mobile device technology all over the world.

Its partners and customers include some of the world’s leading Fortune 100 tablet and notebook manufacturers, retailers, and M2M and automotive companies such as Audi, Lenovo, HP, Rakuten and Woolworths. 


For emergency services, it’s a nightmare scenario: Wifi services go down just when they’re needed during a major incident.

Benetel has the solution: small, portable 4G LTE radio cells that can be carried in individual emergency vehicles, providing critical communications where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

In one of the recent, devastating earthquakes in Italy, emergency first responders set up portable, small cells to create a cell bubble. That enabled all the emergency workers on site to get full access to the internet, facilitating live video streaming of the incident from a fireman’s helmet from inside collapsed buildings.

The company’s suite of small cell hardware also provides enterprise IP and remote WiFi coverage for trains and cars. 

Aspire Technology

Dublin-based Aspire Technology enables mobile network operators to deliver advanced services within the available network capacity.

It works with some of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment vendors, such as Cisco, Ericsson, The Now-Factory/IBM, as well as global mobile network operators including Vodafone, Digicel and Three.

Aspire’s solutions can help operators to increase network rollout speed by a factor of four, to 20 sites per day. Its automated site build audit solution also results in a 20pc reduction in repeat site visits.

Network performance across 3G, 4G and 5G is significantly enhanced with Aspire Technology’s network performance products, resulting in a 30% increase in user throughput and a 20% reduction in the voice-drop rate.