Snapchat messages no longer need to disappear after 10 seconds

This is just one of a host of features unveiled yesterday

Snapchat has announced a new feature that some users have wanted for a long time. It's now possible to tap the 'infinity' icon, meaning friends can view a photo for as long as they want. 

This is a big change to initial set up of the app, which saw photos and videos disappear after 10 seconds. Up until this point, users could replay an image or video if they wished, but would not see it again unless they took a screenshot. 

"We've all felt the frustration of not being able to fully enjoy a Snap -- even after replaying it -- and we wanted to give you the option of allowing the recipient to enjoy your Snap as long as they'd like," the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Once the user taps to close the Snap, it will delete as usual. 

Other features added to the service include 'looping' videos. Tapping the looping icon after taking a video will have it replay on loop until the recipient closes it. 

There is a new tool called 'magic eraser', which allows users to photoshop their images ever so slightly. If, for example, there is some rubbish in the background or a photo bomber in the frame. 

The new tools appear on the right-hand side of the screen, as opposed to along the top. The company says this allows for them to add more tools in the future.