Snapchat Spectacles are available now, but only in certain locations

Is the limited release a wise move or a hype generator?

It's been a big week for Snap... or is it Snapchat? I'm not quite sure anymore, but you know who I mean. The company with the ghost in the yellow box. Them. 

Aside from the IPO side of things, they are also celebrating the release and success of their Spectacles. This is the company's first attempt at a wearable and what's most exciting about their release is the price tag. They are affordable, unlike the Google Glass. The official retail price is $130.

What's also nice about these Spectacles is that they're just a bit of fun. The company is fully aware that they are not the future of AI, but it's an interesting venture and an attempt to be leaders of a new trend. 

Rather than putting them out on general release, the company has opted to make them available in short bursts from vending machines in targeted locations.  So far these vending machines have popped up in Big Sur, California and Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have fully sold out in both locations. 

This is a spark of genius from the marketing section of the firm as it creates a hype in a certain location. It creates the illusion of high-demand, where as it's actually a simple case of low supply. 

A number of pairs of spectacles are already on the likes of eBay with a price tag of between $800 and $1200. 

It's not clear when or if they will be available in Ireland. The company is, no doubt, already working on the next generation of wearable that will one-up the Spectacles.