Samsung customers experiencing issues with replacement Note 7 devices

While the new phones are not exploding, they're not exactly working...

Samsung seems to be having a bit of a rough time recently. After pleasing their fanbase with the announcement of the Note 7, many expected the device to sell well and be a market leader. Then the batteries started to explode on some 100 devices. Things haven't picked up since. 

Samsung were quick to announce a global recall of all Note 7 devices sold, back three weeks ago when the issue was identified. The exchange programme kicked off on September 19th and it was hoped that this would be the end of the problems. 

Sadly for Samsung, however, some customers in South Korea are still reporting issues, despite having successfully swapped their original Note device for a new one. 

The list of issues include overheating and lost of power, as the device is being charged. 

While we've not word on just how many people have been impacted by these issues with the new devices, a spokesperson for the firms said that this is a separate issue, completely unrelated to batteries,” and referred to the incidents as “isolated cases” linked to a problem with mass production.

Samsung has started conducting a “close examination” of the issue.