Russell Crowe's 'divorce auction' rakes in €2.3 million

Lots included a chariot from 'Gladiator' and a jockstrap used in 'Cinderella Man'

Russell Crowe's 'divorce auction' rakes in €2.3 million

Russell Crowe. Picture by: Ammar Abd Rabbo/ABACA/PA Images

Russell Crowe's 'divorce auction' in Australia has raised €2.3 million.

The Hollywood star held the auction at Sotheby’s Australia in Sydney yesterday, with items ranging from film memorabilia to a collection of designer watches.

Some of the most expensive lots included a piece of stunt armour from Gladiator, a fully functioning Roman chariot replica from the same film, and a full costume worn by the actor in 2003's Master and Commander.

A vintage violin, dating from 1890, used as a prop in the latter film, sold for $135,000 (€84,000).

There were some particularly unusual props sold, including two life size horse props from Gladiator.

One 'lucky' bidder paid $7,000 (€4,370) to walk away with a jockstrap used in the boxing biopic Cinderella Man.

A brown leather boxer's protector used in the film Cinderella Man. Image: Sotheby's Australia

Non-film items included a skull from an extinct mosasaur reptile, more than a dozen guitars, and three gold records presented to Johnny Cash.

Cricket and rugby memorabilia was also included as part of the collection.

The Art of Divorce auction coincided with the actor and musician's 54th birthday, and came following his recent divorce from singer Danielle Spencer.

Speaking after the auction yesterday, Crowe observed: "Not a bad hourly rate for a 5 hour shift".