Man fined €4,000 for illegal export of puppies at Dublin Port

The man pleaded guilty and a fine and costs were imposed

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Image: DSPCA

A man has been successfully prosecuted for the illegal export of 88 puppies.

They were seized at Dublin Port in February 2015, in a joint operation by DSPCA inspectors, Customs and Excise officers and the gardaí.

The young dogs were found on vehicles bound for the UK.

A man pleaded guilty and a fine and costs of €4,000 were imposed at Cavan District Court.

While 116 dogs were found initially, they were discovered in two batches with this case dealing with the larger of the two.

Image: DSPCA

The DSPCA say this case is the first of its kind under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013.

"(It) has laid the path to further prosecutions and sentences for people who flout the laws surrounding the transport and export of puppies from Ireland into Britain," the group says.

"The legislation clearly lays down the requirements for the export of dogs and puppies under the pet passport regulations."

Image: DSPCA

"These require a pet passport signed by a veterinary surgeon; puppies must be microchipped and registered with an approved database; health check prior to departure to confirm fitness to travel and appropriate vaccinations - including rabies vaccine."

The DSPCA is also reminding those involved in the illegal export of puppies that penalties include up to a €250,000 fine and/or a five year custodial sentence.

The group says all 116 dogs in question have now been re-homed.

Gillian Bird from the DSPCA told while the sentence may seem light, they are happy with it.

"It's actually a really good sentence - if he re-offends, it'll be much worse next time," she said.