Pricey cars seized due to massive unpaid M50 tolls

Here are some of the models taken as a result of outstanding average bills of €28,627…

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State-owned M50 toll operator eFlow seized 59 cars from toll dodgers last year, with the average bill owed by these motorists amounting to an eye-watering €28,627.

Less than 1% of drivers accounted for over 35% of all unpaid M50 tolls in 2015. The average number of tolls unpaid each year by these 1,700 repeat offenders was 189.

The Irish Times has also secured details of the kind of cars being driven by some of the biggest offenders and they are expensive vehicles, including everything from Audis to BMWs.

According to the Irish Times, a red 2008 Audi A4 was seized in January 2015 on foot of a €1,592.80 bill.

A February haul included a 2006 Range Rover after a decree of €4,146.

In April, a black 2007 BMW was seized in Blackrock after a judgement for €10,706.

August saw a silver BMW X3 picked up in the Clondalkin area on foot of a €13,228 decree. Elsewhere, a blue 2002 Mercedes Benz was seized in Tallaght related to an outstanding bill of €10,107.

Also that month, the sheriff failed to collect a 2011 BMW sport, with the owner subsequently making a settlement to cover their €6,118 bill.

The owner of a 2010 Nissan Primastar seized in December is now facing criminal proceedings for being a "high offender".

The newest element of eFlow’s enforcement process has been the use of criminal summons, which, when applied can subject evaders to additional court fines of up to €25,000.

The majority of toll evaders which have been targeted through the enhanced enforcement process have either stopped using the road or started making payments.