“President-elect Trump will be different to citizen Trump” – senior campaign aide

David Urban also hit out at the stereotyping of Trump supporters

“President-elect Trump will be different to citizen Trump” – senior campaign aide

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally in Ohio Image: Evan Vucci AP/Press Association Images

Senior Trump campaign director David Urban is hitting out at the stereotyping of Trump supporters as 'uneducated' or 'less informed'.

Speaking to Newstalk’s Foreign Affairs correspondent, Shona Murray, on Newstalk Drive, Urban said the “misinterpretation” of Trump voters as being “some Hillbillies from the mountain” is “completely inaccurate.”

He also blamed the media for applying social pressure on people not to vote for Trump, and as a result, “there may have been hesitancy by some people in voting” for the now president-elect.

David Urban headed the Trump campaign for the key state of Pennsylvania. On election night it was the state that pushed the republican nominee over the 270 Electoral College vote threshold to become president.

It was also remarkable given Pennsylvania is usually a reliable democratic state, not voted republican since a narrow victory for George HW Bush in 1988.

Urban was being tipped as contender for chief of staff, but is likely to be appointed to a senior position in the new administration.

Meanwhile anti-Trump protests have entered their 4th day, with hundreds of thousands of people taking to major US cities declaring their opposition to Trump’s win.

Urban claims the protests have been organised by “far-left, socialist groups” who are “upset” with the Democratic Party because they didn’t “put Bernie Sanders up” for nominee during the convention.

“They’re not even upset solely with Donald Trump as president”, he says.

Urban also believes President-elect Trump will be “different to citizen Trump”, and behave in a more gracious, statesman manner who’ll aim to reach out to democrats and republicans

“We need everyone on both sides of the aisle to govern effectively.”