One quarter of adults living in unsuitable homes

New research shows many are prevented from moving due to the current property market

A quarter of Irish adults are living in unsuitable homes, according to a new survey.

Commissioned by the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU), the research found that 25% of adults are living in homes that no longer suit their needs, but are prevented from moving due to the current property market.

Over a quarter (28%) of 18 to 34 year olds said they were living in unsuitable homes but could not afford to move out.

A quarter of those in the older age bracket of 35-54 year olds (26%) also felt this way.

The survey, which also looked into home improvement and DIY trends in Irish households, found that almost a fifth are forking out to extend their home, either with an attic/garage conversion - or a built-on extension.

Almost two thirds of participants have carried out home improvements in the past three years.

Commenting on the findings, ILCU Head of Marketing and Communications Emmet Oliver said: “It’s troubling that such a substantial portion feel trapped in unsuitable homes, but say the current property market is preventing them from moving out.

"While most express satisfaction with their long term accommodation, of particular concern is that it’s not just younger generations who believe they are in a home that no longer suits, but a significant portion of the 35-54 age group also feel this way.”

Image: Credit Union

DIY skills

The survey of 1,000 people also revealed that:

  • Four in 10 people cannot wire a plug
  • Twice as many men as women say they can wire a plug– 79% compared to 43%
  • Four times more men than women say they are DIY experts – 12% compared with 3%
  • Almost a quarter of respondents admitted to having to call in the experts to finish a DIY job they started and men were twice as guilty of this - 30% had thrown in the towel compared with 15% of women

By region:

  • The Leinster region reports to be the most skilled at DIY – 78% say they are either experts or average
  • Munster is the least likely region to rate its DIY skills highly - with 70% reporting to be either expert or average
  • In terms of wiring a plug, Ulster appeared to be the least skilled region - with almost half of adults there admitting they couldn’t do so
  • Connacht was the most skilled with two-thirds possessing this basic DIY know-how